Arizona is a lucky state in many regards, one of the great things is all the competition in the health insurance market.  East Coast Health Insurance currently offers plans from eight different companies, meaning that you can choose from literally close to 200 plans.  Once you add in dental, vision, and various prescription deductibles, the choices become literally endless!

So which company is the best?  Well all the companies we offer on this site are good enough for our friends and families and we are sure any would be good enough for yours, however price and plan design can vary greatly.  There are literally no HMO plans for the individual health insurance market in Arizona, so its either PPO or bust.

I ran some sample quotes to see which carriers were the most competitive in each class so I could at least give some guidance and below are my findings for 2012.  Every so often one company becomes more affordable than another so we will try to keep this up to date.  The summaries are in no particular order.

Aetna & AARP

Aetna and AARP are lumped together as Aetna underwrites both plans.  For many years AARP health insurance plans were not a strong force in the market, but now they are very affordable for anyone over 55.  Aetna itself is very competitive for anyone under 55 and depending on your health conditions, might be a great choice if you are offer 55.  Generally, the more health conditions you have the more likely Aetna will end up being your carrier.


I decided to cover Cigna next, because they are similar to Aetna and AARP in that they have very lax underwriting, however in most demographics they are simply not that affordable this year.  Thus if you are healthy and single, I would probably choose Blue Cross or HealthNet.  If you have a detailed medical history, you might want to apply for Aetna, AARP, and Cigna to see which one is the most affordable.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

Not the most affordable plan in Arizona in 2012, but they are still very competitive.  For many years, BCBSAZ had the best pricing in Arizona, but now they are probably behind HealthNet of Arizona and Humana.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona’s (BCBSAZ) mission is to provide the best value in health insurance and was formed 69 years ago.  Today, BCBSAZ is the most popular health insurance company in Arizona, and has a whopping 1.1 million individuals from Phoenix and Tucson to Flagstaff, Prescott, Yuma and virtually every community in between.

HealthNet of Arizona

HealthNet is a great nationwide carrier and boy do they have awesome pricing in Arizona.  They are number one in premium this year in many demographics.  I recommend them highly if your physician is in their network.  If you are young and healthy, HealthNet tends to offer the most health insurance for the lowest premiums.  Big Fan!


Humana is number 2 in Arizona this year in terms of premium and they have a much stronger network than HealthNet so they are likely to be our most popular plan this year.

United Health One

United Health One is a very close number 3 to Humana in Arizona this year and they really lowered their pricing too from last year.  Formerly known as Golden Rule, they were purchased and re-branded United Health One within the last few years and have been improving steadily since.  I used to steer people away from them and now I am proud card carrying member and have their individual plan for my family.

Other Brands

IHC and Celtic also are in Arizona, and unless you live in a remote section of Arizona, there is no real reason to consider either.  Celtic is getting better and have well priced plans this year, but the lack of name recognition hurts them.  IHC is not even close this year and they literally have the most expensive plans in Arizona next to Assurant.  If you are going to choose Celtic, go with HealthNet instead.