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East Coast Health Insurance has been in the Arizona health insurance for close to 4 years and we have relationship with every reputable company in the market.  If you run an Arizona health insurance quote right now, you will see great plans from AARP, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, Celtic, Cigna, HealthNet of Arizona, Humana, and United Health One.

As for which plan is right for you and your family, it depends on several factors including your age, family makeup, zip code, smoking habits, and medical history.  The quotes that you will see however, will be based on all these factors except health.  The health underwriting comes after your application is submitted. If you are anxious to find out if your medical condition is insurable, we recommend calling us at 888 803 5917 as we have all the underwriting guidelines in an indexed database and can usually predict most underwriting decisions quite accurately.

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Currently 1 in 5 Arizona residents are without health insurance, and as we know not only about all the top health plans in Arizona, but also all of the public health programs in Arizona, we can definitely get you coverage no matter what your medical history.

Follow the link ahead for an in depth look at all the Arizona health insurance companies.  We also included a link to everything you need to know about the Arizona Medicaid program and a complete list of every public health clinic in Arizona.

Health Insurance in Arizona

Rising health care costs have made it very expensive to be injured or ill nationwide.  If you do not have good medical insurance to help pay the bills, a serious injury or illness can create major financial problems.    Having no coverage, too little coverage, or the wrong kind of coverage can be a costly mistake.

Many types  of  health  insurance  are  available  at  various prices.  Some policies pay most of your health care bills for any serious injury or illness.  Others pay only some of your bills or only for certain injuries or illnesses.   Some policies pay an amount directly related to your actual health  care costs.  Others pay a specific amount for each day that you are in a hospital, without regard to your actual bills.

Even similar types of policies can vary in the details of their coverage.   Health insurance should be selected carefully to make sure that you are getting adequate protection for your needs.  That is why East Coast Health Insurance is here to help you select a plan for you and your family.